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Marilee Tolen, RN
Producer, Intro To Internet Marketing

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The Premier Internet Marketing Course for Nurses, Healers, Coaches, and other Women Solo-Entrepreneurs

Do you have something valuable you want to share with the world and make money from it all at the same time?

Make more money!
Help more people!


This Tele-Seminar Series is specifically designed
for YOU, the Health Care Professional
in practice or business 
who wants to reach more people
and make more money!

Now you can learn to help
 hundreds if not thousands more people
from the comfort of your own home
increase your income.

This in-demand training teaches you how to
turn the "Internet into Income" from your
health care / wellness practice or business.

You will learn from and have direct LIVE access
to some of the most
successful professionals and experts
on the internet today!

One of the very best things about this Course
is that you can take future
Intro to Internet Marketing Courses
for FREE!


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Is this course for me?

Maybe you're a nurse, doctor, therapist, educator, healer, coach, massage therapist, nutritionist, network marketer, health care business or spa owner, or even a smart stay at home mom.

You have something that the world wants and needs.

You've gathered your wisdom, experience, knowledge (especially "inside" knowledge), from your profession, practice, or life experience and have created, or want to create, a program, system, technique, diet, product, idea, course, or book.

Or you might already have a program or practice firmly in place and you want it to be farther reaching without spending an arm and leg on advertising.

You want to "package" what you know in a way that you can streamline it through the internet.

You want to find out how to do this without spending a zillion dollars and without stopping the work you are already doing.

Why should I learn internet marketing?

bullet To create another stream of income that is aligned with your current you can take your work to the next level.
bullet To build or promote your current you can increase your exposure and client base and offerings.
bullet To lay the groundwork for a new career or slowly transition your current career onto the you can be more independent financially.
bullet To gracefully ease into retirement keeping your knowledge and skills useful but offering them in a different way - and to make money too!
bullet To work from the comfort of your home while you continue to you can save money and time in travel.
bullet To create income now that will continue to flow in in later you don’t have to keep working so hard.

What are some of the things I will learn?


If you even need a website to get started?
- No - you actually don't!


What is the difference between a web designer and an internet marketer and why knowing that difference can make or break your business on the internet!


How to pick a name for your website and purchase it so it belongs to you - for under $10.


What is a blog, why you would want one, how to blog - and create one for FREE! You learn to set up your own blog in the first class on the call!


How to get the search engines to love your blog and website - and how to be found when people type in your topic on Google.


How to get people to visit your website and blog so they get to know about you, your practice, read your materials and visit your store, and buy from you.


Create and develop your own products (i.e.- meditation CDs, ebooks, video, audio) so you can sell at events or give away as promotional items.


How to create an automated learning course for your students, clients, prospects - that gets delivered without you sitting at your computer.


Start a newsletter, create an ezine, or write an e-book.


Write articles and submit them to article directories


How to brand yourself and establish yourself as an expert


Put a store up on your website with your products


Who is teaching this course?

This course is facilitated by Marilee.

She has pulled together the top industry leaders - the teacher's teachers - the Gurus who the experts train with - to present to you in a LIVE format their area of expertise.

Marilee has literally hand-picked these teachers for you. After being tossed around in the internet marketing world working hard to discern between the authentic valuable programs and the "let me make a fast buck on you" internet courses, Marilee spent years and lots of moola to get to this group of people.

And, as you will learn, some of these people are so high level it would take thousands of dollars to train with them and to get some of the information and resources that you will get in this six week course (Tom Antion's mentor program is $54,000 for example; Kim Castle's consulting fee is $1500 hourly).

These teachers in this program are the most sought after trainers in the industry today.
(scroll down for the overview of the industry experts who will be teaching you in this series)






Here is the line up of experts who you will learn from:

Tom Antion
"Nine Revenue Streams Using the Internet"

Tom owns and operates the Great Internet Marketing retreat Center - the only facility of its of its kind in the world. He wrote the book "Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Small Businesses" .He is the also the author of the "Wake 'em Up Video Professional Speaking System" and publisher of the largest Emagazine in the world on professional level public speaking. His website got Best-of-the-Web in Inc. Magazine. Tom was chosen by MSNBC to do an on-the-air critique of President Bush's presentation skills. He consults to Jack Canfield of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Mega Series.

Joan Stewart
"How To Use Social N
etworking to Promote Your Holistic Practice or Business"

Joan is a publicity expert known as The Publicity Hound. Her internet marketing business is extremely successful and her ezine has a circulation of more than 28,000 subscribers worldwide. She shows people how to use free publicity to establish credibility, enhance reputation and position themselves as experts to help them sell more products or services, promote a favored cause or issue, or position companies as an employer of choice.


Janet Hall
"7 Steps to Start Creating Your Web Site. . . .
                                        . . .and Some Important Do's and Don'ts"

Having a web site is an ‘add on’ to your offline business and you need to know the important seven steps to creating yours. Everyone tells you you must have a web site, yet hardly anyone tells you how to have one that will bring you business, sell your products, or get you clients or speaking engagements.

If you have a business and not a web site you are LOSING business and that adds up to lost income. However, just having a web site presence won’t guarantee you business or visitors to your site. You must learn how to create one, not design one, which will bring the people looking for your services or products to your site. Plus Important Do's and Don'ts BEFORE you purchase your domain name, get hosting or purchase a template for your web site.

Janet is an energy mover of person and place; however Janet's computer experience started long before PC’s were on every desk and before the Internet. At first she was a key card operator. From key punching cards to computer training Janet's skills, knowledge, and expertise grew and advanced along with computer technology.

Since the "birth" of the Internet Janet has trained with well-known Internet Marketing experts Tom Antion, Perry Marshall, Corey Rudl, John Reese, Jim Edwards, Mark Joyner, and others and now Janet is considered an expert by her peers for training others on computer use, computer programs, and web site development. Janet currently owns 50+ web sites, has created 40 audio CD's, 2 multi-media training programs, 4 eBooks, 2 email courses, and has two newsletters and a blog.

Business is BOOMING and she can teach you how to do all this too!

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Introduction to Internet Marketing Course

Hear what people have to say about Marilee's Introduction to Internet Marketing Course:

I learned so much as a past participant in Marilee Tolen’s Spring ’08 Intro to Internet Marketing course. As a long-time nurse, marketing and selling are territories that have been quite foreign to me and I have always felt I “couldn’t sell my way out of a paper bag.” Internet marketing wasn’t even a consideration. However, Marilee’s course with its introduction to a variety of internet marketing concepts, tools, and extremely knowledgeable marketing resource experts have shown me that, yes, even I can do this with some commitment and belief in my potential marketing capability.

I particularly love that my past participation will allow me to take advantage of future internet marketing courses that Marilee offers. This is such a bonus and it was obvious during Marilee’s course that some of her past course participants were listening in and learning additional new information that they could put to use in their established internet marketing activities.

Marilee is generous with her support, information sharing, and cheerleading which many of us in the “caring fields” greatly need in order to believe that what we have to share with the public is valuable. Thanks, Marilee, for increasing this awareness within me.

Diane Fashinpaur, MSN, CRNP
Family Nurse Practitioner
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

Marilee- I love your e-book, and I can't wait for - hopefully - the next one on Internet marketing for which you currently run the teleseminar. Thank you for making a difference in my life today!
Sabine Price

Thank you for a wonderful and worthwhile course. I have practiced internal, preventive, and addiction medicine for over 30 years. I am well trained and credentialed in conventional medicine, and have a special interest and expertise in integrative medicine including use of essential oils and acupuncture. Because of a serious back problem, I was out of commission for awhile and now that I'm back I must choose carefully what I spend my time on. As a physician my goal is to empower people to be as healthy as they can as naturally as possible.

I've got lots of good information to share, but needed help sharing with a wider audience and getting myself out there. I knew the internet might be helpful but it was an unknown, a mystery, to me. That is, until I took your Introduction to Internet Marketing Course. The course opened up a whole new world of internet marketing. It broadened my perspective, and I'll never be the same again! I heard this analogy once, but don't remember the source: it was like going from viewing one's world as the inside an airplane cabin to viewing it as the universe!

E. Joan Barice, MD, MPH

Hear Joan's Audio Testimonial

The course was just the thing I needed! You shared exactly what I needed to know, but didn't know where to start. You made it fascinating, fun, easy, understandable and it was filled to the brim with valuable, useful information. More than I could possibly apply at once, but best of all, available to review again anytime I wanted to in the future, as well as an invitation to attend future classes without charge. And plenty to whet the appetite for more. You generously shared your knowledge - you are a great teacher! Thanks for being accessible during the course - you were a big help to me. The interaction with the class was also a plus. You brought in terrific experts we needed to know about and learn from. Now I have an internet presence, and the tools I need to grow in internet marketing in the future. Marilee, thank you so much for offering this course. I'm so glad I took it, and I highly recommend it to others.

Listen to Linda's testimonial

Linda L. Smith RN, MS, HNC, CHTP/I, CCA

Marilee's Introduction to Internet Marketing teleseminar opened the door to a world that I never knew existed. Because I was so new to this, I really appreciated Marilee's systematic approach, her informal yet organized way she presented the classes and the quality of presenters. I was able to build on my knowledge from week to week and, if questions came up, I was able to listen to the recorded section for that week as well as refer to my notes. This format also allows great freedom as you can listen in from the comfort of your home and follow along via the computer to check things out right then and there. I love the idea that, as a graduate, I can take this course again for free; it will be an opportunity for me to put more pieces of my puzzle together. Thanks, Marilee!

Muffy Williams, RN; BS
Upper New York State
Reiki Master,
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner,
Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner

I was the different one in the group. Most of our class participants were holistic nurses, doctors, YL distributors, and those involved in healing modalities. Although I do practice “hands-on-healing,” and I am a YL distributor, and a Reiki Master, those modalities were not my main focus of wanting to do internet marketing. I have been a corporate trainer for the past 20 years. I want to take the programs I designed for businesses and facilitate those programs for individuals on the internet through what I call teletraining programs. I wasn’t sure Marilee’s program would benefit me, but because I trust her so much, I took her advice and signed up. It was the best thing I could possibly do for my “new career.” The activities and the professional guests were the best I have encountered, and that’s quite a compliment coming from a peer trainer. I will encourage anyone and everyone to sign up for this class!!!!!! Thank you, Marilee. You have a vested interest now in my success!!!
Karen Belyan

Karen Belyan, Reiki Master

Listen to Karen's testimonial

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Never in my wildest imagination did I realize all the opportunities available to me regarding the Internet. I thought I would have a web site designed and start having people access the various products I am passionate about. Little did I know when I signed on for Marilee's class, all the new possibilities that would be open to me. Each week provided new words and avenues to explore from the many experts that shared with our group. I have page after page of notes that will provide me with guidance about the Internet. I have a new set of phrases and ways to market my passion for health and wellness on the Internet, to reach an audience much broader than I ever could have imagined. I also love that Marilee has offered to allow her alumni to attend future classes forever to help us assimilate and review this material and new material from her experts. Don't hesitate, sign-up, fasten your seatbelt because you are in for one wild and exciting ride! Thanks Marilee.

Christine Hankerson, MSN RN

Dear Marilee,
I have spent thousands of dollars learning, or trying to learn, how this business of information marketing works. I have been face to face with experts and highly successful internet marketers. But your course was the best. What made it unique from my experience was that it was really directed towards people who generally do not have a background in self-promotion. In fact, those of us from a healthcare background struggle with ethics and legally on top of the whole complex field of marketing and using the new technologies to our advantage. You had a team of experts which were top notch but you and the other participants made it really happen because of the profoundness of your questions. These questions became the "translator" from the wonderful world of high tech to the world of a healer. And, the approach with the topics was systematic. In addition, your speakers recognized that one cannot just leap in at the top of the mountain and outlined the beginning steps. Marilee, your teaching, as usual, is excellent and you have tapped a niche that needs you! I would encourage any healers wanting to stretch into information marketing to absolutely take your course first!
Many thanks,
Maggie Burgisser

Maggie Burgisser, RDH, MAA, CC, CFSP
Voorhees, NJ
Healthy Images, LLC

Listen to Maggie's testimonial


Jeanie White is a hospice nurse who helps provide Complementary Therapies. She is also a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and has almost completed her Healing Touch Instructor training.

"I just thought the internet marketing class that Marilee presented was fabulous! It was so professional, a virtual wealth of information.  I'm just really happy that I took it and I will be implementing the information over time. I think Marilee was generous with her information and we get to repeat it if we want - I just thought it was wonderful " 

Listen to Jeanie's testimonial.

Jeanie White RN, CHTP, HTI
Philadelphia, PA
Holistic Nurse

"I am so glad I took this class. It was so informative and inspirational. It really was motivating for me to go out and make things happen. I am beginning to see results already. And as a busy Mom the teleseminar set-up is so convenient with the option to listen to the classes if I couldn't make it or wanted to hear the information again." 

Dawn M. Peralta, RN, CHTP
Cherry Hill, NJ

"When I started my private practice twelve years ago, I advertised in the yellow pages. That's how people found me. Today, thanks to Marilee’s internet marketing teleclass my web presence is how people find me. My little local practice is no longer limited by geography. I am able to help more people around the globe take the journey to self that Core Energetics is all about. I just googled 'Core Energetics + New Jersey' and my site, is the first link on the first page. Amazing! I am on the second page for "Core Energetics." That's about a three page jump up since taking her class. I've recommended this class to friends and colleagues. It was both informative and motivating and I’m delighted with the results."

Listen to Kate's testimonial.  

Kate Holt, RN
Marlton, NJ
Core Energetics Practitioner

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"This course was mind-blowing! There was so much great information, phenomenal presenters. . .really world-class presenters.  It just opened up a whole new world to me that I didn't know was available to me!  As a holistic practitioner I shied away from technology, I thought that was for the geeks and the wiz kids, this course really taught me that it is not so scary after all. . . I learned I can in fact do it myself and it is going to help me spread the word about my work.  I've been blogging since the first class which is really exciting, I'm working on writing some articles and press releases, and eventually I think I'm going to learn everything in the class.  It has been a great experience and to be able to do it sitting at home in my study with my little dog in my lap - it just doesn't get much better than that - and having the calls available afterwards was a huge help too because I found the calls were so jammed packed with information I just wanted to listen to it again.  Thanks again Marilee for making this information available - especially for those of us in the holistic community who never thought we could use the internet in these many ways. And, you said as alumnae we get to listen in again for free - I have to say that is the icing on the cake - thank you so much for a wonderful learning experience." 

Darby Mackenzie Line, BA, MAJ, CMT
Owner, Full Circle Family Massage & Healing Center
Young Living Distributor
Princeton, New Jersey

.Listen to Darby's testimonial.

"I am so excited after finishing the Intro to Internet Marketing course with Marilee I joined two gurus on their teleseminars to develop myself personally and professionally on the internet.  I do not have a website, I am a holistic practitioner, I am a humorist and a clown so I have lots of interests, lots of talent and creativity but I never really knew what to do with it on the internet and with Marilee's help I was able to start up a blog - it was surprising to find out how easy it was -  and all of a sudden everything started unraveling in front of me so quickly, Marilee brought in all kinds of gurus that were so knowledgeable and helpful for people like myself especially because I don't have a website or a clear direction on the internet- I found that simply writing articles or writing a booklet can get me going. I am very grateful to Marilee - thank you so much - I was able to be at home with my children during all these calls and I was amazed at the amount of information that we had - it was a little overwhelming at first because I don't know a lot of the language at first and I wasn't sure how to plug myself in but we had an opportunity to listen to some of the calls and go back over them even if I wasn't present - thanks so much Marilee - my hat tips off to you - Woo - Hoo!"

Donna Laino, RN
Philadelphia, PA
Holistic School Nurse, Humorist
Using Humor for Improved Health

Listen to Donna's testimonial

"Taking Marilee's class has been inspirational to me, I have learned so many new ways to express myself both creatively and professionally.  Here is one example - we all learned how to set up a blog in the first class - and since I don't have a website yet I use my blog to list my workshops and articles along with my weekly postings on health and wellness.  Now I have an ongoing way to show people who I am, how I think and what I can offer them.  I've gotten great feedback on the content of my writing and I've been encouraged to create a workshop on some of my blog postings - how cool is that? There are several benefits to the format of the class:  I can learn from the experts without having to get into the car and travel to get to them.  Having a recorded version of the class means I always have access to the material. 

Nina Lockwood, MSW, CHTP
New York State
Energy Healer / Therapist / Artist / Writer
Natural Healing Energy
Marilee has been really wonderful by providing us with these successful and well known speakers and that means that the information that we are getting is proven and reliable and trustworthy.  Want another reason to take the class? As a graduate you can take it again for free!  And this really made all of the difference in my case because having the opportunity to hear a whole new round of guest speakers again helps me to put together things in a way I just couldn't do the first time around.  I will admit before I took Marilee's class I was struggling with how I would do all the things Marilee suggested that were possible and that she herself has done.  I did a little research but I couldn't put it together on my own.  Marilee's class really has shown me how to turn my dream into a reality!"

Listen to Nina's testimonial

Phyllis Lauer, MS, RN, APRN-BC

"I greatly enjoyed and even more greatly benefited by taking a tele-course with Marilee. I had never before taken a tele-course and it was very easy to do. It was much easier to fit it into my schedule as I am already working full time, going to graduate school, and have family responsibilities. It was wonderful to have verbal contact with the instructor, as well as to hear and be able to interact with the other students and gain from their comments and questions. The material presented was exactly what I needed for developing my ideas and for practical application for developing an online business. The guest speakers were highly knowledgeable and provided information that is essential for me. The guest speakers are also great resources referred by Marilee for potential use during and after the course. Marilee has also developed online printed materials that are essential in the development of your business. I had been thinking about an online holistic business for about two years. I’ve been reading everything I could find about developing online businesses and about holistic nursing and alternative health care. I had been trying to find my way in online business development and putting pieces together as I found them, however, Marilee’s telecourse and materials really put everything together for me, as well as providing some available resources that I could choose to use. I have used some referrals already and intend to use more of the available resources that Marilee taught about. Marilee has greatly shared her expertise and her experience to give a roadmap to developing my own business. She is a great teacher and has much to offer anyone from someone who simply has an idea they have been thinking about for a long time to someone who already has an on line business."

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Thanks Marilee!
So much is going on … and I think the fuel from your class supported the process!!

I’m writing a series of seven articles on the chakras for a local magazine. I’m teaching a series of seven monthly classes on the chakras at a local book store. I have a new corporate client who is paying me to come to his office to treat his staff. I’m also teaching mind/body classes to his staff at lunch time. And … I’ve just had the three best months at my private practice ever! Interestingly, I have no time to blog etc … but I’m happy and things are going well.

Somewhere along the way, I asked you a question and you said …  seems you’re at the building a practice stage. That was so helpful. I took brilliant notes on the IIM class and will use that in my next phase. In the mean time, this stage is flourishing. Thanks for getting me into writing again … and giving me the keys for when I’m ready to move on!

Cherry-Lee Ward, M.Ed.
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Shamanic Healer
Holistic Health and
 Wellness Educator

"Marilee's 'Intro to Internet Marketing TeleSeminar' was fantastic! She covered all bases very well and had excellent guest speakers. If you're looking to make a more thorough presence on the internet, promoting yourself and/or your business, this is a great course to get yourself up to speed and on your way!"

Listen to Evelyn's testimonial.


Evelyn Vincent
Washington State

"I am taking the course for the second time which is wonderful because when I first took the course I was contemplating starting a business and it gave me a roadmap on the things to consider as I was moving forward and hiring a web designer and what needed to be in it - but it was a lot of information that was more advanced than I needed at the time but now I am in the process of building a website and launching a business so in addition to referring back to my wonderful notes I am able to listen to this next round of speakers and now everything is so relevant and helpful to me. It is just a wonderful group of supportive and generous lecturers - I think this program is fantastic.  I recommend it to anyone who is wanting to make their presence known on the internet and also wanting to monetize their great ideas"

Listen to Cathy's testimonial.

Cathy Gins, Founder
New York City
AromaWear Aromatherapy Jewelry

"Marilee's class really opened me up to a whole new world I didn't know existed.  I really enjoyed the class and in fact I even enjoyed it more the second time around because now I'm working with blogs and websites and I can understand more of what was going on. I think it is really generous of Marilee to allow us to take the class over and over again as my travel business grows I know I will be needing more tools and this wonderful class will help provide me with the latest technology. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants their business to grow".

Listen to Martha's testimonial. 

Martha Rather

"Your Intro to Internet Marketing was an absolute gift to everybody. The line up of instructors was phenomenal and I feel so blessed to have been able to experience it. . . we learned so much.. . . I am so excited about the things that I've learned and I thank you profusely from the bottom of my heart"


Listen to Teena's testimonial.

Teena Johnson
Dallas, TX

My goal was to work from home and I thought internet marketing was a possibility. Unfortunately, I knew next to nothing about how it all worked.

When I heard about Marilee’s Into to Internet Marketing course, I was excited but was sure it would be way over my head, so I was uncomfortable about the idea of participating.

Then I thought about the convenience of being able to stay at home to take this course and of having access to the audio replays so I could listen as many times as I wanted. I thought not only about Marilee’s excellent qualifications but also her wonderful personality, so I was sure it wouldn’t be stressful for me (as a total novice) with her in charge of the course.

I would have missed out on so much if I let my fear hold me back!

Not only were the speakers really knowledgeable, but the resources that came with each class was where, in my opinion, the exceptional value of the course came in. No matter which class we had, there was a huge amount of support information and further training available. We could pick the areas that worked best for us and get more information or help immediately, or we could get help at some point in the future when we were ready to go farther.

Marilee, it’s only since I’ve actually finished your course and have gone on to use some of those listed resources to get more training that I really understand and appreciate how broad an overview you gave us in your introductory course and how all the key pieces were there. Internet marketing, a world that was totally unfamiliar to me, is now not only understandable but exciting and full of potential. So thanks, Marilee, for a fabulous opportunity and experience!

Maria Borghese
Young Living Distributor
(no photo available)

Hi Marilee,

"This series of tele-seminars hit the spot. In my case, it truly was an introduction to the whole subject of internet marketing, about which I knew nothing. There is a (very) big world out there just begging to be tapped into and this gave me a glimpse of its potential. I have practiced in the health field for my entire professional life, but am now ready to venture forth as an independent holistic health counselor. Taking this series of classes will help me put to use the various modalities in getting my message out to the world. I am thrilled at Marilee's generous offer that allows previous participants to sit in as a "fly on the wall" for future seminars. I know that I will need repeated exposure for these new concepts to sink in. Marilee is also very generous in sharing information and alerts on other experts free seminars as they come along. Thanks so much and keep up the great work! "

Ruth Egli, RDH, CCA, CHC


Ruth Egli, RDH, CCA, CHC

April 25, 2009
Hi Marilee,

It gives me great pleasure to give a testimonial for your IIM course. I found it to be everything I ever wanted to know and more! I found out how to Blog and I have even had an article published on! There is so much information that I am going to use and reuse. Another gem was the webcast and webinar I am now going to hold my monthly meetings for my group by doing a webcast. It is always a struggle to get people out everyone is always so busy this way they can stay home in the comfort of their home and listen. Marilee your skill at having so many experts on the calls and at our disposal was very very beneficial.

Thank you very much you are a very special lady and I am proud now to be a fly on the wall.

Vicki-Lynne Jost
Calgary,Ab. Canada

Vicki-Lynne Jost
Calgary,Ab. Canada

Listen to Vicki-Lynne's testimonial

Hi Marilee,

For me, the best part of the teleseminar was setting up the blog and everything that related to blogging. I can now communicate with the world. I’m not a conversation person as such, but I’m always learning and I do like to pass on knowledge that I believe will empower others to take control of their lives. Until I did the teleseminar I would send family and friends ‘information emails’ – now all I have to do is post the information on the blog knowing it will reach the right people.

The course opens the mind to the unlimited possibilities of the internet for communication. Just a small piece of information in my head can be picked up by someone on the other side of the world. That’s mind blowing really.

Thank you once again Marilee. I’m really looking forward to your mentoring programme to take me to another level of ‘putting myself out there’.

Christine Cufone – South Australia

(no photo available)

Listen to Deb's testimonial

Deb Parrish

"The online Internet Marketing/Business course I took created by Marilee Tolen has given me the tools and information to be able to set up my own business at my own pace. She has done her homework on all of this and now can share what she knows with others. As a senior citizen, this whole venture into this cyberspace realm is a steep learning curve for me. My curiosity got the best of me and I was interested in what Marilee was doing. The experts that she gathered were indeed expert at what they do and presented their material in a professional manner. I thank her for her true passion to bring what she has learned to others in a way that is affordable, informative and inspirational. For me, she has broadened my horizons and made a difference in my life. Thank you Marilee. "

Claramae Weber, RN HN-BC,
Certified Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Practitioner and Instructor,
Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
I am on the faculty of The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy. I teach Aromatherapy and Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry classes.


Claramae Weber, RN HN-BC,

Listen to Claramae's testimonial

Many thanks to Marilee Tolen for the wonderful course on internet marketing which was a fantastic exposure to a myriad of possibilities for an internet presence.  Marilee generously shared her knowledge that she had acquired over time, in an easy to follow course.  By bringing in guests who were specialists in certain aspects of the internet, she enabled us to access more in-depth knowledge.  These classes covered the basics of what we needed to begin and get our feet wet while learning.  I used to marvel at the ease with which my children and grandchildren would tackle the internet with their facebooks and blogs;  I had no idea what they were doing.  However, our homework assignments helped me to overcome my "internet intimidation" and to increase my self confidence.  I am grateful that this course has opened new possibilities for me to market my ideas and modalities in the future.  I recommend it highly.
Joanne Kopera, RN, BSN, CHTP

Listen to Joanne's testimonial



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This class is based on Marilee's original presentations on:

"How To Turn The Internet Into Income For Your Holistic Practice" at
American Holistic Nurses Conference June 06


"Service for Free or Fee - How To Use the Internet to Support Your Healing Touch Practice"
at Healing Touch International Conference Sept 06

...and her years of experience and training with the top experts in the world of Internet Marketing
that are part of this six week segment.

If you did not attend either of these events you can still join the class. Attendance at those conferences are not pre-requisites to get into this program.

What's a Tele-Seminar?

It's a great way for you to learn right in the comfort of your own home. Like a giant telephone conference call, there's a special number that you call and put in a code to get into the 'classroom' with others from all around the globe!

You can be interactive or put yourself on "mute" so your background noise doesn't come through.

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